I have been providing clinical supervision for counselors for over 10 years and offer affordable supervision, particularly to new counselors who might need supervision hours counting toward their independent license.

My overall goal is to help counselors develop a deliberate practice orientation to their clinical work. This orientation includes:

      • Continued development of professional skills in working with clients.
      • Continued development of the counselor’s theoretical orientation to practice.
      • Continued development of any specific clinical skills or techniques identified.
      • Continued development of the counselor’s diagnostic skills.
      • Development of the counselor’s ability to implement feedback informed therapy and to make effective use of feedback data.
      • Other attitudes, skills, or knowledge the counselor would like to concentrate on during supervision.

While providing supervision, i work to ensure all work adheres to the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association and any legal requirements of the State of New Mexico.

For more information, please email me: michael@mmcpsychotherapy.com or call me at 202.505.1848.