Death & grief

If anything is universal about the human experience it is that we all experience losses. We usually think of losses as concrete experiences: the loss of a relationship or marriage, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one. These are obvious, and life-changing, events and most of us recognize our need for help when they occur.

Other losses

However, “abstract” losses, such as the loss of childhood, or youth, or hopes and dreams, have powerful effects on our lives as well. Yet we often do not recognize these losses, or do not find the help or support we need to handle them.

Abstract losses

As an Existential Therapist I believe it is not possible to “move on” from a loss and simply “get back to normal.” Each loss we suffer changes us and we carry each loss with us for the rest of our lives. Yet each loss provides us with an opportunity to see life anew and to decide what we will make of this new life created by our loss. How we handle that opportunity determines whether we will grow and find meaning, or become stuck in self-defeating or unhealthy behavior.

If you’d like to hear more from me about grief and other losses, I was interviewed for the Very Bad Therapy podcast. You can hear that interview by clicking this link: Very Bad Therapy episode 52

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